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Calling all extroverts and live wires!

Are you an ardent trailblazer willing to exercise your lateral thinking skills? Do you love mixing and mingling with people, and want to fashion a career out of it?

Then you might have what it takes to be our Campus Ambassador. All you need is a thorough knowledge of communication, coordination & networking skills and more importantly, some electrifying gusto.

 As a campus ambassador, you will be assigned significant responsibilities. You will be our main architect in organizing fun activities during college fests. What’s more, you will work directly with us to devise ideas on how the college & company can work symbiotically.

 In return, not only will you gain top notch experience and the opportunity to meet & learn from industry experts, but you will also be awarded a certificate/recommendation letter & some special merch. If you work hard enough, you will be given the chance to represent us at leadership summits & even get to go on exotic holidays!

If you think that you have the right social expertise, then what are you waiting for?
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